Nidacon EquiPure

EquiPure is designed to increase the quality and viability of equine sperm. This is achieved by separating the sperm by density centrifugation prior to insemination, freezing, IVF or semen sexing. EquiPure™ not only eliminates a high proportion of the abnormal spermatozoa but also removes the source of reactive oxygen species, most bacteria and many viruses (EAV). This significantly increases the sperm survival and their fertilizing potential.

EquiPure Purifies and Decontaminates

  • Improves fertility rates, especially in sub-fertile stallions
  • Improves freezeability of equine sperm
  • Removes bacteria and other unwanted components from raw ejaculates or inseminating doses
  • Removes Equine Arteritis Virus (EAV) particles

Studies performed on the hygienic aspects of semen storage for AI demonstrate that the addition of antibiotics to extenders is often not enough to eliminate the detrimental influence of bacteria on sperm motility, viability and fertility. EquiPure centrifugation prior to freezing removes bacteria and many viruses (EAV).

If the sperm to be treated are already frozen, the thawed ejaculate needs to equilibrate approximately 15 minutes in BotuSemen® before centrifugation. This is necessary to allow the sperm to rehydrate and restore their correct density.

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