Vas-Check Post-vasectomy Analysis Chamber

  • Easy Sperm Assessment
  • No Sample Preparation
  • Lower Level of Detection

The absence of spermatozoa from the ejaculate has always been an important criterion for the proof of success of vasectomy. Its assessment, however, has never been easy, for the reasons relating to the methodology and counting errors at very low sperm concentrations.

The unique chamber design of Vas-Check Analysis Chambers offers statistically proven results so that the diagnoses and prognoses of low sperm numbers are exponentially more reliable and consistent.

  • Uniquely Shaped Chamber — totally contains sperm sample for accurate and easy assessment.
  • No Sample Preparation — eliminates the need for sometimes unreliable centrifugation.
  • Large Volume Chamber — lowers the limits of detection and minimizes counting error by an average of 49%.

More Product Information
The product brochure contains instructions for use and other data concerning the Vas-Check Analysis Chamber.

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