Nidacon Sperm CryoProtec II

Sperm CryoProtec™ II is a sterile salt solution containing glycerol, optimised for freezing human sperm.

For cryopreserving human sperm

Freezing Sperm
Freezing solutions for sperm traditionally contain egg yolk and glycerol. Clinicians are now questioning the wisdom of exposing human sperm for ART to exogenous sources of protein, such as egg yolk. Furthermore, high concentration of glycerol can be toxic to sperm.

Innovative Formulation
NidaConĀ® listens to clinicians: we have developed a new cryoprotectant for human sperm, free from egg yolk and containing a reduced concentration of glycerol.

What is Sperm CryoProtec™
It is an optimized solution solution for protecting human sperm from the damaging effects of freezing and thawing. The solution contains osmotically active ingredients to reduce intracellular water, and cryoprotectants to reduce injury caused by ice crystal formation. Human serum albumin has been added as an exipient to: (i) serve as a cryoprotectant, (ii) counteract the detrimental effects of reactive oxygen species, and (iii) prevent sperm aggregation and adherence to laboratory equipment.

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