Nidacon SpermCatch

SpermCatch™ is a sterile isotonic salt solution. It is optimised for slowing sperm motility prior to ICSI and is ready to use in direct replacement for PVP products.

SpermCatch™ is a natural alternative to polyvinyl plastic for slowing sperm for ICSI.

Until now, the only products available for slowing sperm motility contained polyvinylpyrrolidone. Clinicians are concerned that injecting this artificial product into the oocyte along with the sperm may cause damage to acrosomal, mitochondrial and plasma membranes, as well as to the chromosomal DNA.

Now clinicians have an alternative method for modulating sperm motility.

SpermCatch™ contains only substances normally found in the mammalian reproductive tract. Exposure of sperm to SpermCatch™, not only slows sperm, but also mimics the naturally occurring sequence of events during in vivo fertilization.

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