Nidacon PureSperm Buffer

PureSperm® Buffer is a sterile (autoclaved SAL 10-3) isotonic salt solution. It is optimised for the dilution of PureSperm® 100 in the preparation of density gradients for the separation and purification of human sperm for use in ART. This gradient system effectively separates normal sperm from lymphocytes, epithelial cells, abnormal or immature sperm, cell debris, bacteria and seminal fluid.

The ideal diluent for PureSperm®

PureSperm® Buffer is a balanced salt solution designed specifically for diluting PureSperm® 100 to make up layers of different densities for a gradient. The optimized formula of PureSperm® Buffer is designed to maximize sperm survival during density gradient centrifugation.

Why use PureSperm® Buffer?

Previously there was no specific buffer available to dilute PureSperm® when making different density layers required for a gradient.

Due to popular demand, we are now offering a salt solution which has been optimized for use with either PureSperm® or PureSperm® 100.

Now, clinicians can select the density layers they want to use, in any combination.

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